Physical Security

Using face recongition technologies for analysis of faces in video streams and real-time identification

Airports | Casinos | Smart Cities | Stadiums | Stores

Public and enterprise security

Our ground-breaking technology serves the growing demand for solutions to identify persons in real time.

It detects and tracks faces in live video streams or recorded video files, and compares them to people in watch lists.

Security staff receives instant match alerts, and can prevent unwanted behavior in much faster and more efficient ways.

Product choices

FaceVACS-VideoScan | FaceVACS-VideoScan ES

Physical access control

Authenticating authorized persons with face recognition supports security measures in airports, stadiums, office spaces, manufacturing sites and other facilities.

In a 1:1 verification application, the image captured by a camera is compared to the image stored on a token.

The same method can be used for access to airplanes, ferries, cruise ships, etc.

Product choice

FaceVACS Technology

Access control terminal on door with face recognition