quickly captures a biometric photo and verifies person identity

FaceVACS-Entry takes biometric photos, and allows for their comparison against facial images retrieved from ID documents or databases. The process also includes presentation attack detection to ensure a live person interacts with the device.

The slim, lightweight device detects the face, adjusts the position of the camera according to the person’s height, captures best-quality portraits, and verifies the person's identity.

Animated user guidance directs the user to quickly assume the correct position in front of the camera. Instant camera positioning, active lighting and responsive user guidance lead to optimal capturing conditions, accurate person authentication results, and fast processing times.

  • uses market-leading technology to perform ISO 19794-5 Full Frontal Format and ISO 39794-5 General Purpose Face Image compliance tests
  • automatic or operator-triggered image acquisition
  • instant 1:1 verification
  • reads QR codes presented to the portrait camera
  • flexible mounting options for booths, desks, walls, counters, kiosks and eGates

FaceVACS-Entry serves all applications that require the acquisition of standards-compliant photos, and the verification of a live image against reference images, such as access control, border control, and entry/exit programs.

  Panel Model P2-100 Panel Model P2-200
Measurements 1056 x 138 x 59 mm (h/w/d) 1266 x 147 x  65 mm (h/w/d)
Weight 7 kg 8.7 kg
Person Height Range* 140–200 cm 120–200 cm

*Person height ranges change depending on the mounting height of the device.

Technology made in Germany
Version 6.1
  • matching algorithm A21
  • reads QR codes presented to the portrait camera
  • default verification score threshold updated to false acceptance rate (FAR) of 1e-6
  • configurable width of silhouette margin for background blurring
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